Setting the mood just right.

Non-religious weddings, memorial services and naming days also deserve a distinguished and unforgettable ceremony.

"THANK YOU for your marvelous ceremony speech, it really was the wedding of our dreams, and one big contribution to that of course were your lovely words"

Mikko & Vanessa

Why was thete founded

Thete – pronounced [ they th ] – Services was founded so that non-religious weddings, memorial services and naming days could also have a dignified ceremony. Organizing memorable ceremonies for important life events is not an exclusive right of religious communities. The ever-increasing number of non-religious people and families in Finland underlines the need for non-religious ceremony services. 

The name Thete comes from ancient Greece, where thetes were the lowest social class of citizens, often immigrants, who didn’t have the same rights as other citizens. Thete symbolizes otherness. Thete Services aims to increase the social significance of the marginalized non-religious ceremonies as important life events in themselves.

What we do


A speaker for you wedding. 

Name giving ceremonies

A master of ceremony for baby name giving parties.

Memorial services

A speaker for your loved one’s memorial service.